At Richardson, Thanksgiving turkey was joe who lost grenade launcher


Somebody at Fort Richardson, Alaska, did what is essential to pissing off everyone in a battalion before a long weekend — and Thanksgiving, no less.

On Tuesday, two days before the holiday, a person removed a grenade launcher, one of the Army’s “sensitive items,” from a unit arms room and lost it, The Associated Press reported. Post commanders put a temporary halt to all soldier travel.

In garrison, there may be no quicker way to light a fire under troops to find something than to withhold vacation time. Still, after a day, no weapon was found.

For soldiers, there may never be a more discomforting moment in garrison than when one realizes he or she has misplaced a “sensitive item” and has no idea where it sits, while hundreds of comrades scour the post and motor pool.

Commanders considered extending the search through Turkey Day, but, with only hours to spare before flights would have been missed — at 5 p.m. Wednesday — the grenade launcher was discovered in, of all places, a vehicle.

AP’s report did not point a finger at a person or allude to a name, and for that, the forgetful person should be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to soldiers, veterans, military spouses and families, and Americans everywhere.


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