Legal pros read the tea leaves on Lakin: He's cooked. [UPDATE: He is cooked.]


Col. Terry Lakin, the Walter Reed doc who refused to deploy over the president’s birth certificate, broke down in tears on the stand–under questioning from his own attorney.

But Lakin’s laudable combat acupuncture skills? His “born-again contrition”? His crocodile tears? All essentially a ploy to head off harsh justice — at least that’s what the legal eagles commenting over at the military justice blog, CAAFLOG, have to say.

Will Lakin get to stay a soldier, do time, write a book or be a talking head on Fox? There’s a fascinating discussion going on in the comments.  Young noobs, salty old JAGs and other observers are mixing it up, and handicapping Lakin’s future.

Soon his fate will be sealed, and it will all be moot. In the meantime, this is more fun than a barrel of lawyers.

[UPDATE: Lakin was sentenced to six months in a military prison and will be dismissed from the Army.]

Christopher Matthews  says:
“He could achieve the minor-celebrity status enjoyed by G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North; there may be book deals and a stint as a FOX News analyst somewhere in his future.

“On the other hand, he could be relegated to obscurity, like Paula Jones. In part, that’s likely to be influenced by the outcome of the trial — if he’d given the birther movement a cache of documents to pour over and find fault with, he’d be a hero to them. Having failed to get anything tangible (and having pled guilty, as well) his worth may seem somewhat lessened.

“At this point, I think he’s on the Paula Jones track.

Southern Defense Counsel says:
“From a TC point of view, I think that this is one of those rare times where you can argue for the maximum with what are seemingly minor charges. You have here a set of facts that do auger in favor of a stiff sentence and it seems that TC have been skillful enough to string those together. Wilfull misconduct? Check. Real danger to GO&D? Check. An accused who “should have known better?” Check. Human impact? Check. Mission endangerment? Check. Half hearted apology? Check. With these facts I think TC would be well within their baliwick to argue for Dismissal, 3.5 years, and total forfeitures.

“Lakin’s supporters have, IMO, ruined his chance of a light sentence. And the fact that he never pointed to them in the audience and said “They don’t represent me. I don’t agree with their cheers, and I recognize that I screwed up. The blame is on me and only me,” will likely be the nail in his coffin. As DC, once I knew there would be a guilty plea I would have made sure my client knew that he needed to completely renunciate his former actions and cohorts. Arguing for the max as TC in this case is almost a gimme.

TerribleTom says:

“Lemme see if I’ve got the defense’s sentencing request right.

“It amounts to a scolding, loss of some of his allowance, and partial grounding.

“What, no loss of TV privileges? I’m outraged.

“IMO, at minimum, he should have to walk the dog and take the garbage out for a full week.

Rickey says:
“Yes, it is a tangled web which they have woven.

“And when LTC Lakin goes off to serve whatever punished is meted out to him, let us not forget that the vile birthers who cheered him on and told him that he is a hero will suffer nothing more than hurt feelings and the cost of the PayPal donations which they foolishly made.


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