The Army is "retarded"



As part of our continuing series, “When sergeants attack!” we submit to you the following video, obviously created by a disgruntled SFC.

Here’s a sample:
Q: What do you do when they get into trouble?

A: I give them a counseling statement.

Q: What is that?

A: It is a piece of paper. I write all of their actions on it. Enough of them are supposed to get a soldier kicked out of the Army, but that never happens.

Q: Why not?

A: Because we are retarded. Most of the soldiers’ bosses don’t follow up on the counseling statements. The soldiers ususally challenge them and Jack says they are no good.


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  1. awful to use a word that mocks the disabled. the last time I checked retarded meant to slow down, not stupid. the army might be a lot of things but retarded isn’t one of them.

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