Soldier credited $16,000 phone bill


A soldier at an outpost in Afghanistan received a $16,000 phone bill from AT&T. But now the company has decided to credit the soldier’s entire bill after not responding to initial queries from the overseas unit, reported

Pfc. Jose Rivera, serving at Forward Operating Base Shindand, said he believed he was calling home at a rate of only $4.95 per month.

Capt. Evan Brainerd, Rivera’s commanding officer, said that Rivera called AT&T to ask about costs after receiving the bill and discovering the rate mix-up. Brainerd said that Rivera was “put on hold for sometimes two hours at a time” and “unable to get any kind of explanation.”

Brainerd contacted AT&T on Rivera’s behalf, initiated formal complaints and requested the bill be lowered to $9,000.

In the end, however, Brainerd said the company has credited Rivera’s huge bill.


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  1. Roger Bingler on

    My son was given a calling card and after using it AT&T said they didn’t recognize that card and I’m stuck with $1200+ because to save him money I put him on my family plan. AT&T for all there talk have no help for active duty military the best quote from the person that I talked to was have him use a land line and he should get an AT&T calling card. Difficult things to do in his circumstances at a small FOB

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