The Army Blotter: Desperate-leap deserter caught, crackshot vet nails robbers, Bragg CPT's mystery death

  • Police arrested an AWOL Fort Campbell soldier who led them on a high speed chase and jumped from his van to dodge police. When authorities found Frank Antonick, 20, in a taxi cab, he was wearing wet, muddy clothes, gave a fake name and couldn’t provide ID. Authorities said the 19-year-old who had been in the van with him was running away with him. Antonick was held on $7,500 bond on criminal impersonation and evading arrest charges. He’s wit h the 4th BCT, 101st Airborne. [via Leaf-Chronicle]
  • An 82-year-old Army vet from Delaware  shot out a tire on truck loaded with stuff allegedly stolen from his house and held two men at gunpoint until police arrived. Joe Harper stopped six feet in front of the truck and called out,”If it moves toward me, the driver gets one right between the eyes.” The former combat engineer and instructor told a reporter later, “I’d do it again, but not first thing in the morning.” [via The News-Journal]
  • The death of Fort Bragg Capt. Jeremiah D. Sipes, 33, could be a homicide, or an accidental shooting–CID is investigating both. A hunter found Sipes, his squadron’s intelligence officer and a married father of two, dead from a single gunshot wound on a trail at the western edge of the post. [via News-Observer]
  • Spc. Emmitt Quintal, 22, cleared his conscience about his Stryker platoon’s misconduct in Afghanistan when investigators interrogated him in May. But it was not enough to keep him in the Army. Quintal was given a bad-conduct discharge at a court-martial Wednesday at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He must do hard labor for 90 days and take a demotion to private for frequently using drugs during his combat deployment, joining an assault on a comrade and keeping digital photos of Afghan casualties. [via The News-Tribune]
  • Thanks to inquiries from concerned strangers, the unclaimed ashes of a man killed in a bicycle crash will be buried at a veterans cemetery with military honors instead of being unceremoniously scattered in the Gulf of Mexico. Edward Allen Weber, 63, died Nov. 16 when a Jeep Cherokee rear-ended his bicycle on U.S. 41. The Florida Highway Patrol spent more than a month trying to locate relatives without success. His body was cremated Dec. 27. [via St. Petersburg Times]
  • An Alaska judge ruled in favor of a homeless Vietnam vet who sued Anchorage for raiding homeless camps and seizing or destroying property. Dale Engle, a disabled Vietnam War veteran who has been homeless for decades, said he has had his tent and sleeping bag confiscated in raids, as well as a dozen Army medals and ribbons that he kept in a suitcase. He got back six medals, but a purple heart and two silver clusters were incinerated, he said. [via Associated Press/Washington Post]
  • An Arizona man has pleaded guilty to stealing the identity of soldier stationed in Iraq, taking at least $6,000 from the victim’s bank account and buying a truck in his name. Police caught Schrodt on Aug. 16 after he attempted to finance a new pickup truck using the identity of soldier Richard Burke, a high school acquaintance. They say Schrodt looked similar to Burke and obtained a duplicate driver’s license. [via Associated Press/Casa Grande Dispatch]
  • Iraq war vet Tuan Tang, 27, used his Army training to help customers during a shootout at an upscale shopping center in suburban Phoenix. [via Associated Press/Daily Sun]
  • A man convicted of conspiring to kill military personnel at Fort Dix is suing prison officials, claiming they violated his civil rights by failing to stop his co-conspirator and cell mate from attacking him. [Associated Press/Washington Post]
  • Abdulhakim Muhammad, the man charged with shooting two soldiers outside a Little Rock military recruiting center, one of them fatally, has dropped his effort to fire his lawyers. [via Associated Press/Army Times]

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