Has anyone seen Dennis Groebe?


While Outside the Wire can’t be the depository for the endless supply of “lost and found” trinkets, we have to give a shout out to Dave Karney. He found this lighter in the late ’60s at Fort Dix, and held on to it in the hopes of uniting it with its owner or the next of kin. Now that is how you look out for a brother soldier!

If you can help Dave bring his 43-year search to an end, e-mail him at Fatheroffor@aol.com.


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A Navy brat who spent eight years in the Marines (two years aboard the carrier Independence). Worked in journalism in Eastern North Carolina through the latter part of the 90s, then became editor of Air Force Times in 2000. Stayed there five years, then took a break to finish some school. Now back in the game with Navy Times.

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  1. Laura Hoffman on

    Wish I could help you. I’m looking for a Dennis Groebe myself. Wonder if it’s the same person. My dad was career Army beginning in Vietnam. In the mid-80’s, we were stationed at SHAPE Belgium and knew a Dennis Groebe and his wife there. My parents were good friends with them. He was in the Army also. Just before we moved from there, I believe he had just been promoted to either Lt. Col. or Col. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep in touch with them after that. I believe he was about the same age as my dad (who was born in 1943), maybe a little older, not sure. This info may not help you in your search, but I thought I’d reply anyway.

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