Vet requests lesser sentence for past service



Many veterans are reluctant to accept a hug for their service.  But then there’s former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge, who was convicted last year of lying about the torture of murder suspects.  He contends his Army duty in Korea and Vietnam should soften his penalty.

Burge, a Bronze Star medal recipient, was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice because of how he answered questions during a lawsuit.

His attorneys argue he should be sentenced to less than the 15- to 21-month range advised by the probation department.  The sentencing ceiling is about 30 years, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.


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  1. Daniel Woolfolk on

    That’s such BS. There was a similar case back in Tucson a while back ( where a young vet got easy for a home invasion.

    The invasions have been a major problem in Tucson for years.

    He got off easy because he has PTSD and a TBI.

    “The judge urged Francoeur to seek all of the mental-health services available to him and wished him and his family good luck.”

    He can do better than that. The judge isn’t helping. He’s hurting.

    BTW, John, nice to see your posts regularly after school!

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