Ky. sgt., Vt. Guard chief victims of soldier dating scam



The soldier dating scam rolls on this week as a former Kentucky soldier and the head of the Vermont National Guard had their identities stolen in separate stories. A Toronto woman made two wire transfers to London, believing she was helping the guard chief, Maj. Gen. Michael Dubie, pay for a shipment of money to Canada after a tour in Iraq. Though his story didn’t add up, the woman said she wanted to help the military. And this guy says he’s taking down his Facebook profile because of our coverage. See how they get ya? [via AP and WYMT-TV]


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  1. if a guy contacts you and says hes in the military how do we know for sure? because i have heard of this scam several times. How about letting us know what we can look for and what questions to ask?

  2. Who wants to answer this one for Cheri?

    Cheri, some telltale scammer stories are that they a service member who has no access to a phone, or their own money, or they have to pay to redeem their leave. If they tell you any of the above or ask you for money, end contact immediately. Service members will tell you this is bunk.

    If they’re asking for a donation or something, think twice. Consider making a donation to one of the many organizations out there that benefit the troops, and ask yourself why someone in uniform would have his hand out.

    Also, young soldiers may not be the best spellers or grammarians, but some of the messages I’ve seen from these scammers just don’t seem like they come from someone whose native language is English.

    Hope that helps. Otherwise, check out some of our previous articles and blog entries on this topic.

    Anyone else have some ideas?

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