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(Sgt. Joe Barry, 6th MP Det. military working dog handler trains partner, Rex // Army photo: Kyle Ford)

For some reason, web traffic spikes whenever we mention anything related to pets. So, in a shameless bid for hits, here’s a roundup of this morning’s dog-related news:

Problem dogs. “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan visits Fort Hood. Auditions are open to anyone with a military ID at the PX food court on March 26. Applicants must videotape their dog’s bad behavior and bring it with them to the audition.

Who took the dogs in? That would be Army Capt. Coulson, who turned his Cairo apartment into a hotel for 20 pets left behind by State Department employees who had been ordered to leave Egypt during the unrest. Coulson, part of the team that manages U.S. aid to the Egyptian military, was able to wrangle discounted pet chow and cat litter from the local Purina distributor in Cairo.

Musician Nate Dogg is dead at 41. Best known for his laid back West Coast rap stylings on Warren G’s hiphop track “Regulate,” Nathaniel Dwayne Hale was also a former Marine.  As Politico’s Morning Defense notes this morning, “You may remember the time he hit the east side of the LBC on a mission tryin’ to find Mr. Warren G.”  (MTV)


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