Soldier in Speigel photos to plead guilty, atty says


Spc. Jeremy Morlock, pictured smiling as he lifted the head of an Afghan corpse, has agreed to plead guilty this week in hopes of earning a reduced sentence, the Wall Street Journal reports. Morlock, whose court martial starts Wednesday, plans to plead to three counts of murder, conspiracy to commit assault and battery, and illegal drug use, his lawyer told the newspaper. German news outlet Der Spiegel published photos that displayed the corpses of several Afghan civilians believed to have been killed by U.S. soldiers despite no indications they were combatants. (via WSJ)


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  1. Is that what were really doing down range? What were these soldiers thinking? There going to come back home and tell amazing war story lies like half the army does? Killing inocent civilians dont make you a bad ass theres no point in going to afghanistan if were only getting blown up by an wnemy we cant see and we have nothing better to do but to kill inocent lives its a waste of time and money

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