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  1. From our own News Editor Kathleen Curthoys:

    “Gen. David Petraeus models the new Army Combat Uniform camouflage pattern, saying each brigade combat team will have its own distinctive color of head wrapping, with support troops wearing light blue, the de rigueur color for expeditionary units.

    “Petraeus also announced plans for Brigade Textile Teams, or BTTs, that will scout out and procure the lastest in regional fashions to keep counterinsurgency forces up to the minute in couture trends.

    “Army plans to award a contract to Prada to produce the ACUs came under fire in Capitol Hill budget hearings on Thursday.”

  2. “Can you hear me now?”

    “When do I get the fake facial hair?”

    “A bet is a bet, but I really thought Tiger was gonna win it this year?…….Double or nothing on the NBA finals?”

    “Did anyone see my pants?”

    “So is this what the T’ban is wearing?”

  3. “General Mcrystal has nothing on me!!”

    “Shock and awe baby!!”


    Undercover Brother Muhammed

    “It’s true you can fit more explosives under these!!!”

    “Presidents Obama’s new operation, Operation Pajama Hammer Time”

  4. ” Ummmm…..do you know why we are here?” or “You look marvilous!” or “Remember my friend, what happens in Afghanistan stays in Afghanistan.”

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