How's that DADT repeal training going?



Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli and other service chiefs report “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal training is going well. The vice said the Army hasn’t completed enough training to say whether repeal impacts readiness, but he said, “We have put together a very, very good training package we believe will mitigate that risk.”

Here’s your chance to vent about the training. As a civilian who in my life has sat through some well-intentioned but cringe-worthy HR videos about discrimination and harassment at work, I can only wonder. What was it like?




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  1. Ned Flaherty on

    DADT repeal requires all active and reserve duty personnel to uphold the armed forces core values — honor, courage, commitment, dignity, and respect — regardless of sexual orientation.

    Although one year ago 23% of U.S. Marines threatened to resign if DADT was repealed, today that percentage is zero. Commandant General James Amos addressed 12,000 Marines in late December, 2010, and on 18 February 2011 he reported that, “everyone said, ‘Sir, we got it. We’re going to do this thing’” and Amos later confirmed that he’s had no indication he will lose any personnel at all.

    Across all branches, recruiting and retention goals are being met, with zero resignations.

    Given the speedy success of the Marine Corps from February through April, and their expected completion by 31 May, the Army will have no difficulty doing the same by 15 August.

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