Memorial Day: One mother, one daughter


Amid the many tributes on Memorial Day, or the coverage of the president’s wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Ceremony,  there are people paying tributes in their own quiet ways all over the country. This is one story from Wisconsin, about a mother who plans to build something positive out of her grief.

Inspired by the sacrifice of her daughter, Pfc. Rachel Bosveld, a female MP killed in Iraq in 2003, Mary Bosveld wants to honor the fallen servicewomen of Wisconsin with a memorial, The Post Crescent reports.

Rachel Bosveld, 19, of the 527th Military Police Company, was an accomplished violinist and fond of presenting her mother with flowers after concerts. Now her mother wants to create a garden.

“I envision a park where people can come and reflect on the fallen soldiers,” Mary Bosveld said. “I want a place with a bench and flowers, a place that is a calm and beautiful place to reflect on their fallen loved ones. I will have that dream until I am gone.”

[via The Post Crescent]

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