Fort Campbell soldiers fight injuries with PT for their brains



Here’s an interesting look at how soldiers with brain injuries are exercising their noggins to get back to normal, if not back  into the fight.

CNN sent me word that its Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr, will be on Sanjay Gupta MD this Saturday and Sunday July 10 at 7:30 a.m. ET to discuss the “re-wiring” of Staff Sgt. Aaron Potter’s brain. Potter was buffeted by three roadside bomb blasts, which left him with brain injuries so serious that he could no longer perform household chores, much less Army tasks.

As you can see in the video above, Potter is doing well and has finished his therapy. Now he has the option to be deployed again.


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  1. Major John A. Zolan USAF on

    I applaud Ft.Campbell and the US Army for applying new and innovative treatments to help our brave soldiers recover after exposure to IEDs/blast wave injuries and other TBI’s. As a neurologist, in my civilian career, I treat many TBI’s which have resulted from MVA’s, blunt force trauma, GSW and projectile injuries, and injuries sustained during military service. One of the most important steps in recovery from TBI and post concussive syndrome is “PT for the brain” The medical term for this is neuro-cognitive rehabilitation and/or cognitive behavioral therapy in which the patient undergoes treatments to improve immediate and short term memory, abstract thinking, motor skills coordination, visual spatial orientation, sleep hygiene, depression and emotional lability. Great Work Ft. Campbell

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