Royal watchers rejoice, Harry is coming to America [UPDATED]


Prince Harry, the Crimson Eagle himself, in Afghanistan // Courtesy of the British Monarchy

Capt. Henry Charles Albert David Windsor, better known as Great Britain’s Prince Harry, may be coming to an Air Force Base near you. You don’t have to be teenage girl to get excited about this heartthrob — although, ladies, he is single — because he’s not just another pretty face. He’s among world’s the most famous veterans of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. And he’s heading back.

The Telegraph reported earlier this summer that the prince, a captain in the British Army Air Corps, is heading back to the ‘Stan as an Apache attack helicopter pilot — no easy job. But not, the AP reports today, before he comes to the U.S. for a training.

[A spokeswoman for Luke Air Force Base, Ariz.] confirmed that the prince is taking part in the Apache Conversion to Role course in the United Kingdom. That course continues in Exercise Crimson Eagle in Arizona and California.

Exercise Crimson Eagle has been held previously at the Barry M. Goldwater U.S. Air Force Range in southwestern Arizona.

The exercise utilizes the Army’s AH-64D Apache.

If you need to be reminded, the Apache is a total badass of a helicopter. It often acts in a direct support role for troops in contact downrange. See this video for proof:

Whoops. A sharp-eyed commenter below notes that the following video depicts not an Apache, but a Black Hawk. We hope you enjoy it regardless. The connection to Prince Harry was tenuous anyway.



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    that video is not an apache. it is a MH-60L DAP from the 160th SOAR. note the miniguns firing. apaches dont have miniguns. and besides the kiowa is way more badass than an apache, because you have to be a real pilot to fly it and you can shoot johnny taliban in the face w your m4 out the door.

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