Army a step closer to secure smartphones


Researchers have developed a “hardened” version of the Android 3.0 operating system, still under test, which could make it possible for smartphones to operate on secure military networks, Defense Systems reports.

The advance has got the attention of the White House, which is interested in moving from BlackBerry to Android-based devices and a broader effort to create a secure, wireless network for the nation’s public safety organizations.

The NSA is expediting the approval process, and the Android kernel is being tested for a certification by mid-October. “That’s the first level of security that we’ve got to get before we start moving onto being able to ultimately do secret,” Michael McCarthy, operations director of the Army’s Brigade Modernization Command’s Mission Command Complex, told Defense Systems.

McCarthy also tells Information Week the Army will launch its mobile application store, the Army Marketplace, as soon as mid-November.

For more details about the Army’s smartphone initiatives, look for Army Times on newsstands today.

[via Defense SystemsInformation Week]


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