Soldiers walk tall to fight violence against women, in heels


Ladies, we heel your pain.

The men of U.S. Army Garrision-Grafenwoehr recently had a chance to strap on a pair of heels and take steps–literally–to fight domestic violence and assault.

The “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” event, in which men wore heels to raise awareness about violence against women, drew 600 people and 100 pairs of flashy red heels ranging in men’s sizes 9 to 14. That’s a lot of blisters, bunions and corns.

It takes a silly idea to promote a serious cause.

The shoes are meant to serve as a metaphor for the pain, embarrassment and the “what will they think of me” thoughts that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault often feel.

“It is the first time this event has occurred in Europe, and we hope it can set an example for many other installations to bring the community together in support of a very real and important cause,” said Carolyn Bryant, ACS installation victim advocate and event organizer.

It was for a good cause, but don’t expect these guys to go strutting in a pair of Christian Louboutins on their own time.

“It feels like my foot is a fist, and it’s balled up, ready to bust out,” said one participant, adding sarcastically, “I’m loving it.”




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