Colbert to Odierno: With all due respect, you can go to hell


“Didn’t we make a bet that you said when we finally came out of Iraq you’d let me shave your head one more time?” General Raymond Odierno asked Stephen Colbert, during Odierno’s second appearance on the Colbert Report.

“No we did not!” Colbert said grinning ear to ear with an audience cheering in the background “DO IT , DO IT , DO IT!”

Giggling, Colbert said, “Unless the President is about to appear on that screen behind you, with all due respect you can go to hell.” (at about the 4 minute mark)

Gen. Odierno and Colbert also brushed up on the end of the Iraq war, hiring veterans and yes, bestiality.

Signing off or should I say singing off, the duo sang a rendition of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” in honor of the troops.




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