Gay Vietnam vet confronts Romney


Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a stop in Manchester, N.H., at a local restaurant where he met Vietnam veteran Bob Garon. The conversation started off with Romney inquiring about Garon’s service and thanking him for it.

Then the 63-year-old Garon asked his question for Romney: “New Hampshire right now has some legislation kicking around about a repeal for the same-sex marriage.  And all I need is a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Do you support the repeal?”

Watch how the rest of the conversation goes in the video below. What’s your take on Romney? Or any Republican candidate?



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  1. I consider myself a moderate. And I just thinking that if the Republicans would give us a viable option, it would be so easy for me to vote for them this time. If, for no other reason than I think the economy would fare better w/ a Republican in office (not that they would do a better job. Just that business would perceive they were doing a better job)

    And yet I see these guys talking about issues that don’t affect a significant portion of the population. Gays. Abortion. How does one guy marrying another guy affect me and my chances of being gainfully employed? It doesn’t.

    Republican party: now is your chance. Give me someone who is articulate and thoughtful. We don’t even have to agree on everything. I just want the option.

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