Colorado guardsmen take Tebowing craze airborne


Sgt. Ryan Osadchuk of the Colorado National Guard strikes a quick pose to show support for the Denver Broncos. (Photo: Marc Belo)

First there was planking. Then there was horse-maning. And now there is Tebowing — named for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s propensity for public prayer.

From a Medevac chopper 50 feet in the air, Colorado native Sgt. Ryan Osadchuk got into the act to taunt a Pittsburgh Steelers fan on the ground, Staff Sgt. Marc Belo.

Their unit, the 2nd Battalion, 135th General Support Aviation Batallion, was conducting some training at Buckley Air Force Base.

Osadchuk, a Black Hawk crew chief and lifelong Broncos fan, had been ribbing Belo, the crew chief instructor, leading up to that weekend’s wild card game.

The mid-air Tebowing, Belo admits, was Osadchuk’s “coup de grace.”

“I just noticed he was out there, and I had time to do a quick Tebow,” Osadchuk said.

Belo, who was taking photos of the training when the chopper’s door suddenly opened, said he took the burn in good humor.

“I was like, that’s pretty cool, but I’ll get you back,” said Belo.

The duo and Belo’s photo was featured on the local news after Belo’s wife posted it on Facebook.

Osadchuk and Belo were pleasantly surprised by the attention.

“We are part of the community here because we do a lot of search and rescue,” Belo said. “All the feedback has been great, it’s been very positive.”

Within the unit, however, the playful ribbing for Belo has endured since the Steelers 29-23 overtime loss to the Broncos on Sunday.

“It’s been pretty bad for Sgt. Belo,” Belo said.

Still, Belo did get his revenge. He spray-painted the “Terrible Towel” logo on Osadchuk’s tool box.

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays on the sidelines during the team's wild card game against the Steelers on Jan. 8. Denver won in overtime. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)


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