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  1. Ash, I work in Afghanistan. I have an Afghan mechanic who makes the rounds to all of the sites to service our vehicles. He stays for a week at a time. He is given a room to stay in and a shower to use. Not ONCE has he ever used it, instead he sprays the room with Axe Bodyspray and piles on the cologne.

    Additionally, I have 8 other Afghans working for me. I built outdoor heated showers for them to use after or before work when they come in/leave. NOT ONCE have I seen them use them. They are ignorant savages, end of story. Take your enlightened cultural view of the world and file it under fantasy alongside unicorns and rainbow lollipops for grass.

  2. They do have running water. My platoon lived with about 30 ANP at a PSS for a year. The ANP had working shower, toilets and sinks. We were the ones without running water and we maintained our personal hygiene. The ANP just used the shower for when they needed to “wash” clothes and the sink for washing bowls. They know about personal hygiene and prefer to not use it b/c their society is lazy! Their favorite motto means “If Allah wills it”. Allah wills you to wash your ass and brush your teeth! Do some research before you embarrass yourself again.

  3. This is exactly why I am surprised the ARMY TIMES chose to publish PowerPoint Ranger. His comics are offensive and should not be representing the US Army. Yes, I know you are an independant paper. However, if you claim to be the Army’s news source, you should shed our opinions in a positive light. His comics are a huge EO complaint. I am professionally embarrassed.

  4. The worst smell I ever smelt in my life, was when having to enter all the new ANP recruits into the BAT system. They had running water and hygiene products but never used them even after being educated on them. This sums up the truth of how bad they smelled especially crowded into one room.

  5. I love PPR…. ’nuff said.

    And people who have never deployed anywhere shouldn’t talk about things they don’t understand.

  6. A_2, funny how you said your three year old nephew could do better… why drag relatives in, if you can do a better job and hit home like PPT Ranger does, do it… until i see better from you, then you’re just hating…

    SFC, having been there, this is hilariously true!!! Keep up the good work, and unless the the naysayers put up, they can shut up.

  7. I'm Your Daddy on

    How dare someone suggest the shower is for anything other than using as a toilet. You people should be ashamed.

  8. If Allah provides showers, toilets, and sinks, maybe He implies that they should be used . . .

    A_2, you should have your nephew submit his portfolio. Maybe he’ll make it big as a comic artist.

  9. Love you PPR- and to those who bag on the “situational” comics, just remember what ran through YOUR head when you where there. Some of us don’t have a filter from our brains to our mouths/pens/mice…thank God, Allah, etc, because we’d explode if someone didn’t say it!

    Keep it real and always,

  10. Afghans do stink and they do not like to wash. Also, don’t go bashing PPR!!!!! He rocks and his comics kept my battles and myself laughing during hard times in our deployment!!!!

  11. Great comic. If you have ever worked with the Afghans you know the specific odor they present. Spent 11 months living with them and the smell follows me today. Another great comic by PPR.

  12. Very astute observations Power Point Ranger! You are the unheard voice. Nothing like Hajii dropping a deuce in view.

  13. I definitely appreciate the artwork. It helped pass the time during lulls on my first deployment, and it’s doing the same thing for this one 🙂

  14. You know how you’re doing the right thing? by causing discussion between opposing viewpoints. i’m not going to add fuel to this particular fire by taking sides or giving my opinion as it’s worth nothing most of the time.
    I will say that Powerpoint Ranger has brought enjoyment to many of my friends, both active and former service members. Either we knew “That Guy” or have “Been There” at one point in our army career and at least one comic will relate, Garaunteed. Please don’t discredit something based soley on one that might not have any relevance to you.
    P.S. they might be having a 3 year old cartoon making contest coming up soon, A perfect oppritunity for your nephew/niece to bump him outta the top spot!

  15. PPR – You do it right! There are some of us who’ve been there and done that in a different era with a different set of enemies. PPR brings the current conflict into tune with our experiences as well

    SSG Tiny in Tokyo

  16. If you don’t find PPR funny, chances are you haven’t “been there” and if you haven’t “been there” then STFU… That is all.

  17. been a few years since i got out, but i can still put a name and face to all your characters. doesnt matter what the art work looks like, i can see the face of the real person depicted. keep up the good work

  18. Always have loved PPR!! Been reading you for a while now and so glad you made it to the big times!! If people have a problem with what you write, it means they have no sense of humor anyways and probably shouldn’t be looking at the comics to begin with. Keep it going PPR, i love the laughs.

  19. PPR, the comics are honest, biting, freaking hilarious and MOST importantly they actually CONNECT with most young troops who have deployed. Keeping doing what you do.

  20. Great stuff. Have a sense of humor people.
    To damn PC nowadays.
    I never heard of PPR til this morning at the VA I picked ip an Armytimes and some whiny Pvt wrote a letter bitching.
    You have a fan for life now.
    Keep up the great work

  21. These are great. I especially liked the one with the 2 kids and their airsofts. Isn’t there a web site to look at the old ones? I don get to see all the army times isues.
    PS I’ve been there – more than once.

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