Make love *and* war: Army aviator met her Valentine in flight school, honeymooned in Afghanistan



From the Gainesville Times, comes the story of the Walkers, a Georgia couple who met in flight school, got married and deployed from Fort Wainwright, Alaska, under the Army Married Couples Program.

Serving in Afghanistan together was not without its hardships. Capt. Sara McCleary Walker and Capt. Phillip Walker endured the resentment of other soldiers unable to spent time with their own spouses, and they sometimes forgot to treat each other like partners and treated each other like soldiers instead.

“When that happened, we had to catch ourselves and apologize,” said Sara.

They also made time for each other.

“We had moments where we would go eat together. And when we had quiet time, we would go in a room and talk as husband and wife, not officer to officer,” she said.

Today, back in the states, they are preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day by moving into their new home.

“Hopefully, I’ll be able to dig out our kitchenware and be able to cook a meal for the first time in a year,” she said. “That’s our big plan.”

[via HLNTV and Gainesville Times]

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