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  1. Captain, Ft. Bragg on

    Been reading the new ppt ranger articles for a few weeks now. This issue I find the article totally inappropriate. I have embraced the “butter bar” name once upon a time. However, for this to be done publicly in this manner is degrading to the corps of officers. Yes we all know that 2LT’s are very green and inexperienced, but PFC Snuffy doesn’t need to think it is okay to call his PL that. It is a joke that doesn’t need the attention the cartoon has depicted.

  2. Sir,

    It’s a joke. Also, it you think that “PFC Snuffy” (which, in itself is a degrading moniker) doesn’t call them that already, then I suggest you get out form behind your desk and listen to your troops.


    SFC H.

  3. I am with the above comment. The argument that there’s no harm in perpetuating behavior if it’s already occurring is weak. The above strip is indeed disrespectful, and I know many E7’s would be enraged to see their rank denigrated in this manner. I’m disappointed in your lack of professionalism in such a public forum.

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