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Raped by his fellow soldiers: Initiation went too far, soldiers say

An Army specialist says three of his fellow soldiers came into his room, held him down and sexually assaulted him.

Spc. Jarett Wright was not the only soldier in “Crazy Troop,” 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, to endure this kind of assault.

Two others described identical attacks in interviews with Army Times. An ongoing investigation into the alleged hazing incidents also includes a video of an officer from the same squadron who was duct-taped to a pole and similarly assaulted.

Wright told his story to Army Times and he wanted his name to be used. He says justice hasn’t been done and he wants to try to prevent such incidents from happening to other soldiers.

Read the story, and what Army leadership has to say about hazing, in this week’s Army Times.

Casual notification: Spouse finds out about soldier’s death via Facebook

The Army has a process for officially notifying a soldier’s loved ones, in person, of the soldier’s death, and it is not to be circumvented.

But it was when the wife of a staff sergeant killed in Afghanistan said she learned of his violent death after a soldier from his unit posted on her Facebook page that there was an emergency, and later they spoke by phone.

The Army’s casualty notification process came up against the realities of social media, and the Army is responding with guidance for leaders, soldiers and family members.

Find out more in this week’s Army Times, on newsstands now.

What soldiers need to know about minimalist running shoes

Lightweight “minimalist” running shoes are what’s hot for military runners looking to get a step ahead in their workouts.

But if they throw the shoes on and just start running, they risk injury and the agony of da-feet.

Runners using minimalist shoes need to re-learn how to run, experts say.

Go to Army Times for tips on running in the trendy shoes, and to see the Army’s guidelines.

Online: Who’s moving up

See the names of noncommissioned officers who will sew on new stripes in May, according to the Army’s announcement of promotion plans for the coming month. Also see cutoff scores and other career-related news online at


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