Meet Staff Sgt. Nathan Canine from Fort Belvoir Community Hospital


Staff Sgt. Nathan Canine

It’s not every day you walk around a corner in a hospital and find a valued member of the staff with four paws. This is Staff Sgt. Nathan Canine,  recently promoted from corporal (his rank in the video),  a therapy dog at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. While working on an update to a piece we did on the hospital’s opening, we ran into Nathan and Kristen Maisano, a doctor of occupational therapy at the hospital who told us about her four-legged companion’s duties.

On top of being very cute and friendly, Nathan can fold laundry, act as a sleep companion and simply provide comfort to wounded service members.

If you’re at the hospital, stop by and say hello.

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  1. I’d like to say “thank you” to our military medical system for finding innovative and effective ways to care for our ill and wounded.

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