This week's Army Times print edition: Drill sgt. commandant reinstated … in the 'Stan forever … more time in for NCOs


Command sergeant major reinstated — but not for long

The first female commandant of the Army Drill Sergeants School at Fort Jackson, S.C., is being reinstated after the Army suspended her from the job five months ago. But she’ll be back in the job for only a few days before her replacement takes over.

Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa King has vowed to fight the November suspension’s effect on her 31-year Army career. She was given no reason for her suspension, her attorney says. She contends that racism, sexism and her lack of a combat deployment are to blame.

Find out more about the case of the “no slack” command sergeant major in this week’s Army Times.

Twelve more years in Afghanistan

The U.S. may keep a force in Afghanistan through 2024, as President Obama has announced, but the Pentagon isn’t saying how many troops will stay.

U.S. forces likely will remain for two security missions beyond 2014: counter-terrorism and training, Obama said, adding that the U.S. won’t have permanent bases in Afghanistan.

One senator says the force may number 10,000 troops.

See more about plans for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, and the troop drawdown, in Army Times, on newsstands now.

Senior NCOs to serve longer when they move up

The Army has released details of a new policy that increases the service obligation for senior NCOs who are promoted.

Those who move up to sergeant first class, master sergeant and sergeant major in the Regular Army and the Army Reserve now must serve three more years instead of two.

For details on the rules and guidelines for the new policy, see Army Times.



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  1. This is the first SGM/CSM I’ve ever seen who didn’t take their licks and drive on. Besides that, when any male military member of any service is relieved/charged with a crime/comes under investigation/ etc., it pretty much is made public wh…at the circumstances being investigated are. See the DCG of 82nd Airborne during the last few days … Also, google COL Philip Stemple … there are quite a few. One of my concerns is her “diploma mill degrees.” Those certainly influenced CSM King’s promotions along her career path (Google Sgt. Maj. Stoney N. Crump, former Walter Reed Army Medical center CSM). In Crump’s case, his false credentials claiming military schools in his resume that he did not attened were likened to “stolen valor.” All these investigation details were made public on these male leaders. CSM King’s Article 138 complaint against her commander — what’s the outcome? The commander has to answer the complaint.

    So … the Army rules of releasing information on accused people are: Charges made: – name; rank, grade; charges and specifications. When found guilty: – sentence; type of discharge; confinement location and duration; previous convictions. When acquitted/exonerated: – Emphasis placed on previously released published accusations. Any Non-releasable information includes info that could potentially violate security or privacy.

    The pooch was screwed on this one and where the public is concerned (all current Soldiers, especially all former and current Drill Sergeants), this is too serious of a matter to be handled the way it has been handled thus far.

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