This week in Army Times' print edition: Soldier of the Year … new chow-hall menus … NCO charged in warzone slaying


The Army Times Soldier of the Year

He is an E-4 who has served in an E-6’s role. He has saved a fellow soldier, deployed to Africa and mentored younger people.

Fellow soldiers say he’s the kind of soldier that you hope for, but don’t often find. He has packed his short time in the Army with initiative, dedication and service to others.

Meet the Soldier of the Year in this week’s issue of Army Times.


Combat chaos: A split-second decision ruins NCO’s career

A sergeant first class thought he was protecting his soldiers and doing the right thing when he opened fire on a person emerging from a car in the minutes after a roadside bomb blew his platoon’s vehicle into the air and his soldiers came under enemy fire.

But a tense combat situation just got worse. The person who the platoon sergeant killed was not an enemy combatant but a prominent figure in Afghanistan.  

Days later, the sergeant was badly wounded in another attack and part of his face was destroyed. Now he is lays in a hospital bed, awaiting both surgeries and a potential court-martial in the death of one of Afghanistan’s leading doctors.

He is living a soldier’s nightmare, and his defense attorney says “there was no right answer” for him.

See the story in this week’s Army Times. 

Bored with soldier chow? The military is kicking it up

The military plans to punch up its meals, with a zing of Latin flavor, a dash of Asian pepper and other inspirations from around the culinary world to give soldiers a more diverse menu.

The official collection of recipes for fare in mess halls, galleys and field kitchens is getting a makeover, in response to a more diverse military, the more sophisticated palates of today’s troops and the Pentagon’s push for troops to eat healthier foods.

The committee working on the menu has partnered with the Culinary Institute of America, the prestigious school for chefs, to give the new meals more credibility with service members and to spice things up.

Find out more in Army Times this week.


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