In Army uniform, Colts' Reggie Wayne reports for duty


Indiana Colts’ Reggie Wayne (second from left) poses in uniform with Indiana National Guard//Photo via

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne traded his team’s blues for an Army Combat Uniform to evoke the U.S. military’s work ethic as he showed up to training camp.

“It’s time to go to work,” Wayne said, after he appeared Saturday with a group of Indiana National Guard members in a caravan of humvees.

“These guys are selfless workers, they put it all on the line, and that’s what we’re going to have to do this year.”

In the past, Wayne has shown up to camp in a dump truck to symbolize getting ready for hard work, according to local press reports. Another year, he showed up in an Arizona Cardinals No. 32 jersey as a tribute to former Colts running back Edgerrin James.

Wayne told reporters this was no joke. “I fully support the military. They are the heroes,” he said. “I want our team to take a page out of their book.”

The idea was to emulate the teamwork and selfless service of the military, he said.

“These guys do a great job of supporting this country, and all we have to do is support Colts nation. And if they can do it for the whole country, we should be able to do it for our end.”

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  1. It is nice of Reggie to tribute the soldiers. I served in the Indiana Army National Guard and even deployed to Afghanistan with the 76th Infantry Brigade as part of Task Force Phoenix. Lets just remember, he plays a game on a field. A grassy or turf field. Soldiers go to war. Soldiers often go without basic hygiene for weeks when they are outside the wire. A football game lasts one hour, with many breaks and a half time show. I am not a hero myself or a celebrity, just an average soldier who served both in the active army and in the guard as a combat medic. I even wrote about being outside the wire in My Journey as a Combat Medic. I love football though and the Indianapolis Colts are a good team.

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