Gen. Ann Dunwoody, first female 4-star, retires


Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody salutes during her retirement ceremony at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va., on Aug. 15. Dunwoody retired after 38 years of service. She was the first female in the U.S. military to achieve the rank of 4-star general. (Staff Sgt. Teddy Wade / Army)

The first female four-star general in the United States military retired Aug. 15.

Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody joined the Army in 1974 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Woman’s Army Corps the following year, according to the Army News Service. She most recently served as commander of Army Materiel Command, which has a staff of more than 69,000 spread out over 50 states and 145 countries.

Gen. Ray Odierno hosted the retirement at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va. The Army News Service quoted the Army chief of staff as saying, “Ann is a leader who lived our Army values, who always led from the front, who dedicated herself to the profession of arms. In my mind, Ann Dunwoody is the epitome of the Army professional.”



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  1. Did she ever see or lead in combat? Was she ever in charge of troop movements without ever placing her own boots on the ground? I congradulate her on climbing the ladder and her years of dedication and service but, she is no General Westmooreland(spelling is not my forte) and as far as I can see was probably a political pencil pusher, probably responsible for the slowdown of many actions due to lack of combat experience, and knowing what the boots in the sand accually need. I could be wrong but I know for a fact that regardless of being an Officer or enlisted, there are certain steps that have to be taken in order to make rank. My father, who is retired Navy after pulling serveral combat tours was denied Master Chief before he retired because he did not want to reenlist for another, after many, sea duty tours. He served in Berut, Lebenon, Iraq, Vietnam, and everything else in between. Did this General ever see a foxhole, carry an M4, pack a ruck? I dought it. Political General. Not a Pedreus or any other accual earned 4 star General, if I am wrong and she wasn’t a desk jockey political figure head, I’m sorry and admit my wrongful judgments but, men/women who lead other men/women into war should know what its like to have the sand in your nose, mud in your cloths, blisters on your feet and the fear or experience of what its like to hear and see the what accually happens during combat, not just images from a tv.

  2. @Carlie…as far as I know, the US does not send women into combat…but Gen. Dunwoody made sure that all the soldiers got their supplies…I am sure she did her job well…why the sour grapes? I retired after 20 years in the Navy and God knows I tried all I could to make E-7, but as events would have it, I lacked sea time…I was ready to perform E-7 tasks but lacking in sea time…I was bitter at first, but I moved on…for the number of years service I had and still an E-6, I had to retire….your father at his ran/pay grade at that time was expected to be at sea.. he had to have extra time to be advanced to E-9 and extend his enlistment to do that…if not, well, you knew what happened…now, times have changed; women are given the opportunity to go to combat…Probably the Army is different….Gen. Dunwoody deserves her retirement and I wish her all the best.

  3. @Carlie—- Who cares! She served her country and she retired. You sound like an angry liberal. Nothing better for you to do I guess. You should contribute to society and enroll in college.

  4. @Number 12 – Angry Liberal? Are you serious? Sounds more like an angry conservative to me, since the vast majority I’ve met look down on people who they believe haven’t adequately served their country, haha. Then again, ones political preference shouldn’t matter as to their character. Thank you for your service General. Live long, and prosper. 😀

  5. Jumpmaster 1095 on


    As someone who has served with her in the past, you have zero idea who Ann Dunwoody is. She definitely led soldiers from the front. She was our battalion commander in the 82D ABN DIV and jumped out of a 130 or 141 whenever we did. She also commanded up at Fort Drum in the 10th MTN DIV; no easy feat. Unless you know; don’t judge. Have you ever worn the uniform? Jumped out of a plane while in flight and walked 12 miles back from Sicily DZ? Or have you ever ran the Riva Ridge loop at 30 below zero? Probably not, But Ann Dunwoody has done all of that and then some.



  6. jumpmaster1095 on


    If you knew who General Ann Dunwoody is you would have never posted those disrespectfull words. Have you ever jumped from a 130 or 141 and rucked 12 miles back from Sicily DZ? Have you ever ran Riva Ridge Loop at 30 below zero? Probably not… But Ann Dunwoody has, and then some. She battalion commanded in the 82D ABN DIV and Brigade Commanded in the 10TH MTN DIV, and Commanded the Corps Support Command on Fort Bragg. Do you your research before speaking.


    Jumpmaster 1095

  7. Carlie, are you high? You sit at a computer and down someone who has achieved something most people have no idea what it means to be. How DARE you try and tarnish her work and dedication to the United States Army. You talk about your fathers duties and what he did but you do not talk about your own. Is that because you have none? You do not get to the rank of general easily not to mention 4 stars. Desk or not this woman was far more dedicated to something much more than you and people with a lot more power and intelligence knew she was right for the job. At least put your full name and grow a set before bashing one of Americans great soldiers.

  8. Congratulations General Dunwoody! Thank you for your many years of service to our country! God bless you, and enjoy your retirement.

  9. @Calie, GEN Dunwoody did serve in Desert Storm with the 82nd, give her props because she did her time; however, I absolutely agree with you. Nobody higher than say, CPT or MAJ (Navy LT or LCDR), SSG or SFC (Navy PO1 or CPO), should be without a combat deployment. We’ve been doing this professionally since 2001. My guess is there will be a rash of “Last Calls” for those senior folks who have not had the wartime deployments.
    So, on 1-hand, I dispute Carlie … on the other, Carlie is absolutely right.

  10. Congrats GEN Dunwoody, i knew you would go far. I was in 782nd MSB (82nd ABN DIV) when you were the BN CDR, still have my awards that you signed off on. Good luck in whatever you do next

  11. Retired Army Vet on

    Congratulations General Dunwoody. I am so proud of you! I was acquainted with you at Fort Drum in the early 90’s when you were the Commander of DISCOM. Anyway, I admired you as a soldier and a leader and wish you the best, from one retired Female Army Soldier to another!

  12. LTC Michael D. Hunt, USA retired on

    General Ann Dunwoody, I was in the QM Officer Advanced Course with you in 1980 and have followed your stellar performance from afar. Congratulations and best wishes in the future in whatever you do. I am very proud of you!

  13. Tom & Jonny Mays on

    Congratulations Annie! We just found out today from one of Tom’s clients from his Barber Shop here in Lake Havasu City, AZ. the young man just returned from Afghanistan.

    Have not heard from Craig or Donny. Hope all is well.

    Tom & Jonny

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