You might be 'special ops' if… you swim in your clothes. Aaand, then again…


A soldier (not Jason Youngblood) takes part in leadership exercises at Joint Base Lewis-McChord last year in this photo.

Police in Key Largo, Fla. said they arrested a Utah man who refused to leave a hotel pool while swimming fully clothed and claimed to be a special forces soldier, reports.

A Monroe County sheriff’s deputy responded Sunday, Aug. 19, to the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort and found Jason Youngblood, 30, fully clothed in the pool with security staff attempting to get him to leave the water.

The deputy said Youngblood responded to every question with a loud “yeah,” including an inquiry about where he is from, and eventually got out of the pool.

Youngblood continued to act erratically, according to the report. As the deputy attempted to escort Youngblood to his room, Youngblood pantomimed throwing karate punches at him.

When the deputy tried to handcuff Youngblood, he fought back and shouted “Yeah!” The two continued to scuffle until the deputy applied some sort of nerve pinch behind Youngblood’s ear.

The sheriff’s office said Youngblood’s sister told the deputy he was a “federal agent” and Youngblood claimed to be “spec ops” while he was being arrested.

“He also said he jumps out of planes and asked [the deputy]if he knew what ‘spec ops’ were. It is not clear what, if anything, Youngblood does for a living. The ‘occupation’ slot on his arrest report is blank, said Deputy Becky Herrin, an agency spokeswoman,” the article reads.

Youngblood was charged with battery, assault and resisting arrest. He was ordered held in lieu of $8,000 bond.


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