Fort Bliss, the post, get ready for 'Fort Bliss,' the movie


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Soldiers at Fort Bliss will get a shot at their 15 minutes of fame–or more likely a split second of screen time.

Hollywood has come knocking at the Texas post as it films “Fort Bliss,” the story of an Army medic and single mom — played by Michelle Monaghan — who reunites with her son as she returns from an overseas deployment to Afghanistan.

A crew filming on the post from Sept. 29 to Oct. 10 is looking for extras to volunteer for a homecoming scene as both redeploying soldiers and their family members.

Given what little we know of the plot, it’s probably a pivotal scene. Here’s an email from Fort Bliss public affairs seeking extras:

Soldiers, either Active, Guard, or Reserve, and family members or El Pasoans wishing to participate need to arrive at the Arrival and Departure Airfield, or ADACG, at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 7th.

In order to present an accurate and professional image of the Army, all Soldiers wishing to appear in the film must be in full compliance with all Army regulations on grooming and appearance. All Soldiers will appear in ACU, not Multicam, with 1st Armored Division patches on both sleeves. Civilians should dress in attire appropriate for a military homecoming.

For more information on the opportunity to appear in the film, or to RSVP, please email

Besides the extras,  some real-life soldiers will appear on screen with the stars of the film, Monaghan, Ron Livingstone (Office Space) and Taye Diggs (Private Practice).

The El Paso Times reported that soldiers tried out for roles as the medic’s roommate, a private at a shooting range and a non-comissioned officer who yells at a private.

If you guessed, given Fort Bliss’ cooperation, that the film is a positive portrayal of the military, you’d be right. However, that does not mean it will be all sunshine and roses.

“The movie will take a look at the human toll that war extracts on soldiers,” Maj. Joe Buccino, deputy public affairs officer for Fort Bliss, told the El Paso Times. “That seems to be lost on most of America as more time goes by, but not to Fort Bliss because we still have a dog in the fight.

“It’s tough to come back after a year and put it back together with your family,” he continued. “We have been at war so long that most Americans take it for granted. It’s something they don’t have to go through.


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