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Voting is open for new PT uniforms

Soldiers, sound off: Army leaders have developed an Improved Physical Fitness Uniform boasting more than 30 improvements.

Now you get to choose the colors, and you’re asked to cast your vote.

Voting is open Oct. 9-30. Online voting sites will open at 2 p.m. Oct. 9. Soldiers can vote with or without a Common Access Card:

* To vote without a CAC, |go to|Surveys/ipfu.nsf

* To vote with a CAC,


The case for common cammies

The U.S. military developed at least seven new combat utility uniforms over the past decade as one service after the other set out to create its own unique designs.

Now, having invested billions to develop and field a multitude of patterns, it appears that only one of those uniforms is effective at concealing troops in combat.

What began with then-Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Jim Jones musing that the Marine Corps could develop a better combat uniform than the then-ubiquitous battle dress uniforms of the 1980s and ’90s ended up revolutionizing military camouflage.


XM-25, carbine tests spur Army to put best arms forward

Weapons tests planned for coming months are aimed at giving soldiers the best arms possible.

Officials in January are sending 36 improved XM-25s for a second round of combat tests.

A production decision is expected this time next year, with full fielding beginning in fall 2014.

When that happens, don’t be surprised if the Army adds armor-piercing munitions to the high-explosive air burst and trainer arsenal.

The XM-25 proved itself time and again in 14 months of forward operational assessments, also known as combat.

“During numerous engagements with enemy forces, the XM-25 was very successful, a game-changer,” said Command Sgt. Maj. James Carabello.


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  1. Sgt. Pickering, Edward R. on

    When is the Army going to quit spending money on uniform changes and stick with what already works? This money could be spent on bettering the programs and needs for soldiers.

  2. The reflective belt will still be required. The changes in the uniform have removed reflective surfaces to cut down on production cost, along with the fact that we have been wearing the reflective belt regardless of reflective materials on the APFU.

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