NY Guard gives MRE cooking classes to non-English speakers


New York Army National Guard Spc. Eric Ramos, of the 1-69th Infantry, shows residents of Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood how to use the heater in FEMA emergency rations. // Photo credit: Lt. Col. Jim Gonyo, 1-69th Infantry

New York might be one of the most culinarily diverse cities on the planet. But when it comes to heating FEMA meals, some folks need a lesson.

For non-English speakers, it’s not so easy to follow the directions that come on the packages and show how to operate the heaters. So guardsmen have been holding demonstrations to show folks how the heaters work, according to New York National Guard spokesman Eric Durr.

A guardsman in the photo above was demonstrating how to operate the heater for a group of volunteers in Chinatown, one of whom was filming an instructional video. Durr said such demonstrations were going on throughout the city in an effort to help New Yorkers living in neighborhoods still dark due to Superstorm Sandy.

The distribution site in the above photo serves two buildings, one that is 44 stories and the other 22 stories, with a combined population of more than 3,000. The demonstration, and the video, will help volunteers as they conduct daily health and wellness checks in the buildings, Durr said.

[via NY Division of Military & Naval Affairs]

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