Ashley Broadway, lesbian Army wife, wins Bragg spouse of the year award.


Ashley Broadway, the wife of a Fort Bragg, N.C. lieutenant colonel, has been named Fort Bragg’s Military Spouse of the Year 2013, one week after she refused a ‘guest’ membership to the Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses.

She initially applied for membership last December but was denied based on her lack of official military identification. The Defense of Marriage Act prohibits same-sex Army spouses from full recognition as Army dependents.  Read Joe Gould’s original reporting on the story here.


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  1. Same sex marriage is NOT recognized in North Carolina. Too bad the pushing of depravity is full steam ahead.
    GOD have mercy on this military.

  2. Congrats. Clearly the logical next step is for Ashley to be issued an ID card so she can attend the awards ceremony and continue with her radical lesbian agenda, like buying groceries at the commissary, dropping off her son at daycare, and returning those overdue books at the base library. Join the 21st century, folks.

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