Army warns soldiers to stay away from hemp seed vodka


Photo via US Army Fort Bliss on Facebook

Recently, US Army Fort Bliss on Facebook posted a warning to soldiers that the vodka you see above had found its way into a “military PX in Texas.”

According to the Alaska Distillery Brewery, the liquor is distilled with 20 percent denatured hemp seed, which means that it doesn’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol — aka THC, marijuana’s active ingredient.

Not really sure what the appeal is, then, but in any case, the Army wants to remind soldiers that AR600-85 forbids any use of hemp products or their derivatives, even though they’re legal for civilians.

“What must be stressed among military personnel is that even though Purgatory Vodka is said to be free of THC, and even though hemp byproducts are not illegal in the civilian world, this gives zero justification to those in the military,” a story from the Army News Service said. “It is the ‘prohibited use’ that soldiers need to remember.”

Has anyone ever seen this stuff at the PX, or tried it in general?


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  1. That is really sad the US Army doesn’t allow hemp and hemp seed products. The Chinese Army uses hemp clothing and hemp foods for their troops everyday. Hemp Seeds are a really good source of protein, omega3, omega6 and fiber. Everything a soldier needs to fight at their best in bad times. Hemp seeds would be the perfect snack to keep in a troops backpack. Hopefully the US Army will take a new look at how good industrial hemp products are and can be.

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