Special Forces vs. the Dolphin Cheerleaders in "Call Me Maybe"

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H96-TwrwY7M]

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders felt like perking up the troops in Afghanistan, so they made a “Call Me Maybe” music video and sent it downrange.

Some special forces operators got a hold of it and decided to thank the ladies with a reply video, imitating them almost movement-for-movement.

It’s impossible to tell which unit they’re with because they doff their blouses for the duration, but the beards and long hair at least give away their MOS.


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  1. Leave it to our Warriors to make the best things out of being in a bad situation. I give it to the ladies for helping the troops.
    I give it to our troops well for everything. I only wish I could be over there with you guys. I would be proud to fight right along side you all, or hell even just to run you all water if need be.
    This busted up old Marine, is mighty proud of all our men and women in Uniform. You all are the best. Keep your 360 clear and as safe as possible. God Bless you all.
    Terry Helms
    Semper Fi!
    God, Country and Corps
    and to all my brothers and sisters

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