Soldiering is tough, but it could be worse…



…you could be a newspaper reporter!

CareerCast released its best and worst jobs lists this week and the results are somewhat surprising. Enlisted military personnel comes in at the no. 3 worst job of 2013, right behind lumberjack and newspaper reporter.

The rankings are calculated by median income, job growth outlook and the “Jobs Rated Score,” which is a big mix of environment, stress, physical demands, etc. Here’s how soldier and reporter stack up:


Median salary: $41,998 (E-7, 8+ years experience)

Job growth: Varies

Jobs Rated Score: 1009


Median salary: $36,000

Job growth: -6%

Jobs Rated Score: 1120


Apparently the life-threatening aspects of military service weren’t enough to tip CareerCast’s calculations.

So there you have it! Who wants to trade?



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