Soldier and dad biking 1,800 miles to protest gay scout ban


Dave McGrath

An Idaho reservist and his dad plan to bike 1,800 miles to protest the Boy Scouts of America ban on gay members and troop leaders, according to a report by KIFI-TV News.

Spc. Joe McGrath and his dad Dave, a former intel officer who served in Gulf War I, plan to bike from Idaho to the the scouts’ headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Dave McGrath, a lifelong scout, told KIFI two of his six sons are gay, as his brother–a former Eagle Scout.

“I love the Boy Scouts,” he said. “I wish them all the best, and yet they discriminate against people I love.”


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  1. leejtilson on

    This family is a model of commitment to principles, loyalty to each other, and lifelong hard work. I salute these American heroes. They are making a difference.

  2. Elder Miles: I love what you just said… Truly the policy is dorky. Eternal life ultimately means spreading your genes and spreading your memes. I have seven kids – six sons and one awesome daughter. Two of my sons are gay.

    I’ve done the first part: spread my genes.

    Now I’m doing the second part: Making it safe for my gay children – and yours.

    Our motto from the Germany Munich Mission: Amo Servitum. “Service with Love.” That’s all this is about.

  3. I worry about the morality and decency of anybody who would respond to this story the way that Miles Elder did.

    I know Dave. I rode the first tiny way out of town with him and his son Joe. They are fantastic people.

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