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Before you read any further, make sure you throw out your fitness magazines: Commanders, sergeants major and other supervisors are on orders to sweep Army work places of any potentially offensive material by July 1.

“Openly displayed digital, printed or other media that are sexually oriented, sexually degrading or sexually offensive,” are the targets, and that can include anything from your sexy pinup calendar to the cover of Men’s Health.

Speaking of crackdowns, soldiers at Initial Entry Training are now subject to a ban on alcohol consumption and a 9 p.m. curfew.

Maj. Gen. Bradley May, the commander of Initial Military Training, said the policy is largely in response to soldier misconduct tied to overnight, alcohol-related events, often at hotels.

There are a handful of exceptions, of course, but the policy is in effect until further notice.

And finally, to absolutely nobody’s surprise at all, the Army has officially cut off the $50 million carbine competition to replace the M4.

Army officials say that none of the submissions were up to standard, but they intend to revisit the prospect of a new rifle in the near future.

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  1. LOL Women’s Health Really. How about your all grown ass war fighters stop crying to higher & tell your fellow soldier you don’t like the magazine.

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