Soldier tries for 1-mile run record—in bomb suit



Talk about mission-focused PT: First Lt. Ashley Sorensen, an EOD officer, may have set a world record for the woman’s fastest one-mile run in a bomb suit. Yes, it’s a thing.

Her one-mile time of 11 minutes, 6 seconds in the 75-pound Explosive Ordnance Disposal suit needs to be verified by  Guinness World Records, but if it gets the official stamp of approval she would be the first to hold the record.

“There is not a previous record holder for this,” a Guinness World Records spokesperson said in an email.

Stars and Stripes reported in 2012 that Sgt. Stephanie Beachley was clocked at 13 minutes, 14 seconds, although her bomb suit run was never officially validated by Guinness.

“Whenever EOD goes out in the bomb suits for a manual approach, it’s really important that we’re able to work and sweat in the suit and still be able perform,” Sorensen said in an Army story. “So making it a competition when we train helps with that.”

The male record holder for the fastest mile run in a bomb suit is a Navy officer who made the run in 2009 in Iraq. Then-Lt. Jonathan Kehoe performed his feat in 10 minutes, 16 seconds.

And if you are not feeling motivated enough you might want to check out this guy, who holds the record for the fastest marathon run in a bomb suit.

Now go PT.



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