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  1. Sir,
    I understand and agree that there are Soldiers who are victims of sexual assault. It seems to be a big concern for alleged victims of sexual assault but there is no concern for the accused Soldiers in many cases that are being proven not guilty of these complaints. I think we have went overboard with believing every Soldier who claims they have been sexually assaulted. The accused Soldiers life, character and careers are being placed on hold or ruined and don’t forget the financial impact for legal representation. There needs to be a law/punishment in place so when a Soldier lies on another Soldier that they can be prosecuted and made to refund attorney fees, pain and suffering etc to the person they have accused! There has got to be a better system to protect all parties involved. What happened to “Innocent Until proven Guilty”. I’m sure the Soldier that is being wrongly accused feel very much alone and has no SUPPORT from the military in which they have faithfully served!

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