Army Times dispels rumors on the tattoo ban, remembers 'Black Hawk Down' 20 years later in this week's print issue


ArmyTime cover Oct. 7

We’ve cut through all the rumors and taken your questions about the Army’s new tattoo ban to senior leaders. Where can you have ink? What if you have it in the banned places? And who will pay to have banned tattoos removed? Find out the key things you need to know about the coming policy.

Yes, the Afghanistan drawdown is in full swing, but the Army is still deploying soldiers to the country. The Pentagon announced the latest deployments last week and we have the breakdown on the thousands of soldiers who will deploy, and their units.

The story of the battle made famous by the book and movie “Black Hawk Down” still needs to be heard, say two soldiers who were part of it. Twenty years after fighting in the Battle of Mogadishu, Keni Thomas and Jeff Struecker returned to Somalia.

“You think I want to get on a plane for 40 hours and go riding around with my hairs standing on end, with my stomach churning, in the back of an SUV in downtown Mogadishu again?” Thomas said. “Hell, no, but I went because that’s the story that needs to be told. This is a story I’ve been tasked with.”

Read what Thomas and Struecker have to say on the 20-year anniversary of the battle that killed 18 Americans and wounded at least 80 others.


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