'Enlisted' farewell: 35-tweet salute by show's creator thanks fans, cast

Happier days: Cast members of "Enlisted" during a press tour in August to promote the show, which was recently canceled by Fox. (AP photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision)

Happier days: Cast members of “Enlisted” during a press tour in August to promote the show, which was recently canceled by Fox. (AP photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision)

A Fox television spokeswoman confirmed to Army Times on Thursday what the TV industry had been predicting for months: The Army-themed comedy “Enlisted” had been canceled before the end of its initial 13-episode run.

Many blamed the cancellation on the show’s Friday-night time slot — some publications even sought redress — but despite the perceived poor timing, fans of the show frequently massed on Twitter every Friday to watch together and share their reactions, often with cast members and always with show creator and Twitter ringleader Kevin Biegel.

When the show went off the air in late March, fans continued tweeting on Friday nights, watching the show via Fox’s video-on-demand website and hoping that increased social-media traffic would make some noise at the network.

With official news that the network wasn’t listening, Biegel went through with a final Friday Twitter blast, re-watching the last episode to air on Fox: “Paint Cart 5000 vs. The Mondo Spider” — pretty much the Ali-Frazier of sitcom-based military technology.

Tweets ranged from glimpses at the inner workings of Hollywood …


… to the inner workings of avoiding music licensing fees …


… to acknowledging the show’s contribution to TV history …


… to expressing support for other critically acclaimed network shows that won’t be appearing on the fall schedule.


How much interest did the Twitter barrage — Biegel sent about three dozen messages, with countless others tweeting and retweeting — draw?


A Fox spokesman could not confirm whether the show’s four unaired episodes would appear on Fox, but Biegel has said he’s been told they will air and would be part of any on-demand streaming packages (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) the show might wind up on.

More love for the folks at Fort McGee here and here. Army Times visited the “Enlisted” set a few months back — story and video here. Have a favorite moment from the series? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I watched this show in Afghanistan, downloaded off iTunes, and it made me able to laugh at the sometimes infuriating aspects of our job. This new take on the military in television was refreshing to me. Sure, it could be corny and cheesy at time, but it also “got” us in a way that no tv show has for years. I will miss it.

  2. I really thought I’d hate the show, having been in/around the Army for 19 years now. I heard that major changes had been made after the pilot (which was, indeed, horrible) so I gave it a second chance. To my chagrin, I loved it. It was just irreverent enough – not too much, not too little – that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I’m not surprised it was cancelled, but am disappointed.

  3. What??? Fox put a show in a bad time slot and then cancelled it, regardless of the # of fans??? Say it ain’t so! Seriously though, as per usual, Fox executives have their heads jammed up their rear orifices! Don’t know why it’s surprising though…they DO have a history of not caring what fans like (Firefly anyone?).

    A sad farewell Enlisted…we hardly knew ya, but it was great times while it lasted!

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