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The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders felt like perking up the troops in Afghanistan, so they made a “Call Me Maybe” music video and sent it downrange. Some special forces operators got a hold of it and decided to thank the ladies with a reply video, imitating them almost movement-for-movement. It’s impossible to tell which unit they’re with because they doff their blouses for the duration, but the beards and long hair at least give away their MOS.

Cutting 31,000 more soldiers Cut the Army to 290,000. Really? That’s one of many suggestions for meeting today’s harsh budget reality imposed by the combined effects of sequestration and operating under a string of continuing resolutions. Although the Army is in the process of trimming its size to 490,000 soldiers over the next five years, few believe that will go far enough. “Is 490 the bottom?” Lt. Gen James Barclay, deputy chief of staff (G-8) asked. “We’re not sure.” Army leadership has long warned that sequestration would force the service to cut 100,000 soldiers — roughly 80,000 reservists and…

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