Where's the best chow in the Army? Luxembourg [UPDATED]


Master Sgt. Mark Morgan (Photo courtesy of U.S. Army)

The U.S. Army is known the world over for its NCO force, its cutting-edge technology and its world-wide reach.

Now we can add to that list, pastry.

Master Sgt. Mark Morgan, a pastry chef and the first U.S. soldier member of any branch of the U.S. military* to be selected for the American Culinary Federation Culinary National Team, took home two gold medals from the Culinary World Cup 2010 in Luxembourg, held every four years.

The medals were awarded for the team’s “hot table” display and “cold table” display, which included four desserts created and prepared by Morgan.

The highlight was “Pumpkin and Spice,” an autumnal confection of spiced pumpkin custard, a walnut cake inside a coconut blossom, red current compote, a cinnamon beignet on poached pumpkin petals, a trio of cranberry, and honey, yogurt and pumpkin sorbet with a pumpkin-thyme essence.

Try asking for that one at the DFAC.

Morgan has sidelined since 1997 as a pastry chef and adviser to the team, but his day job’s not bad either. He’s senior enlisted aide to Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Commander of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe, Va.

The proud folks at TRADOC announced today that last week the Culinary World Cup’s international jury awarded the U.S. national team, on which Morgan competed, third place over all behind Singapore and Sweden.

Morgan, a 16-year veteran and recipient of the bronze service medal, had this to say in the announcement:

“Being the first and only member trained by the Army makes competing with this team even more of an honor and privilege. To represent the country at this level brings a lot of credibility to the military food service program.”

*Thanks to Daniel T. Williams, TRADOC chief of public affairs for the correction.


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