Former Sergeant Major of the Army wants to find you a BFF


Courtesy of American Freedom Foundation

Former Sergeant Major of the Army Jack Tilley is giving out free BFF bracelets to soldiers. No, this is not connected to Lance Armstrong in any way. This is how American Freedom Foundation, an organization co-founded by Tilley, wants to connect civilians to soldiers.

Tilley said he wants more Americans to understand the sacrifice that soldiers and all service members along with their families make each year. So far, the foundation has given out over 3,000 bracelets to civilians and service members, but Tilley said he wants to see more soldiers join the program.

More civilians than service members have signed up for the bracelets. Over 6,000 civilians have joined while under 2,000 service members have signed up. When a service member signs up he is connected with a civilian and receives an identical bracelet. From there the relationship is dictated by the soldier and the civilian. The soldiers often send pictures from deployments while the civilians ask questions and learn what it’s like to serve in the military.

“Not too many people know about the military, and this is our way of teaching them about what the service members go through,” Tilley said.

Soldiers interested in joining can click here. Tilley and fellow co-founder Ted Hacker said they are working on a camouflage BFF design to be released later this year. American Freedom Foundation has donated over $700,000 since AFF was founded.


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