Our 100th post… and our top posts of all time!


When I was a kid, it seemed like every sitcom’s 100th episode was a clip show. You know, when the cast would sit around together in their phony living rooms and reminisce, saying,  “Remember the time Fonzie jumped the shark on his motorcycle” or “Remember when Jan had that fake boyfriend, George Glass?” Cue clip.

As I got older, I got to see this for the lazy cliche that it was. And now that I’m even older than that, I realize it’s not easy to think up a 100th anything. So, here’s own own little clip show: our top posts, with humble thanks to our loyal readers for the last few months.

  • What were you for Halloween? What’s not to love about two dudes dressed as Julian Assange and Pfc. Bradley Manning. The popularity of this post just proves the Army’s profound sense of humor. You know, as an institution.
  • May we submit… Safety Ape It’s one of my great failings as a blogger that shortly after this post I tracked down the brilliant and talented mind behind Safety Ape and other videos,  Lt. William McConnell, and his commanding officer, but never wrote about it.  Lt. Col. Dave Whaling had nothing but praise for the guy. Turns out safety videos that deliver a message cleverly makes that message stick. McConnell won awards, and the unit had very few accidents.

Thanks everyone for two fantastic months! Stay tuned. Happy Holidays!


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