Gen. Dempsey sings in blues


Perhaps there’s no better indication of “command presence” than a leader who can pull back his shoulder blades, scan a crowd and belt out a respectable rendition of a famous Frank Sinatra standard.

If that’s the case, Defense Secretary Robert Gates could be spot on with his nomination of Gen. Martin Dempsey as the next Army chief of staff.

You can watch this YouTube clip of the chief-to-be, known in high circles for singing Irish folk songs, in full regalia, crooning the chairman of the board’s signature song: “New York, New York.”

At one point, during a break between verses, Dempsey implores: “Now, you ladies, if you want to start a chorus line or something, don’t let me get in your way.”

If Dempsey motivates troops like he works a stage, the Army should have no trouble completing its future missions.

Now if only he could sing in Farsi.


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  1. Earnestine Dayton on

    What an awesome voice….such wonderful talent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for your wonderful service and voice.

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