Recruiters see double as Calif. twins enlist [UPDATED]



In a first, (see comments) Twin sisters are joining the Army at the same time, KGO-TV San Francisco reports.

The Peruvian-born sisters Meilyn and Melissa Ventura-Benel from the Bay Area are hoping to become American citizens and carry the memory of their mother, who died a week after they enlisted.

“My mom said once I told her that we were going to join, she said ‘OK, the Army is going to teach you something that I couldn’t teach you guys: more discipline. It’s a whole different thing, I couldn’t teach you,'” Meilyn said.

The 18-year-olds will go their separate ways for the first time after boot camp, as Melissa plans to go on active duty in Virginia while Melissa returns to Vallejo, Calif., to join the Reserves.

“It will help us grow apart because we’ve been together always. We share a room, we had to share a car. We had to share everything,” Meilyn said.

“Since we’re twins, we were basically treated as one. But now it’s giving us room to kind of separate from each other,” Melissa said.

[via KGO-TV]

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  1. Definitely not a first, I went to BCT in Jan of 2009 and we had twin sisters, they are with the AZNG and are going to Afghan soon.

    Also, in AIT at Ft Huachuca we had some more twin girls. We could never figure out who was who until one of them told me she wore her watch on the right arm while her sister had hers on the left side…

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