'Jersey Shore' jerk, out of options, enlists



Gym. Tan. Laundry. Army?

Brad Ferro, the man who punched pint-sized “Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki, has had so much trouble finding a job that he’s enlisted, his father tells The New York Post.

Ferro was caught on tape socking Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in the face after she accused him of stealing her and her castmates’ drinks.

After the episode aired on MTV in December 2009, Ferro, now 25, was fired from his job as a New York City high school gym teacher. He pleaded guilty to one charge of simple assault, paid a $500 fine and served six months’ probation.

Unable to find other work, Ferro signed up. He left for basic training in Fort Knox, Ky., last month, his father told the Post. He’s is training to become a cavalry scout.

Ferro’s dad, Dan Ferro, said his son wants to make a fresh start and he hopes no one on the post recognizes him.

“He lost his career and his pride and everything else,” his dad said. “But he’s getting it back. You can’t keep a good man down for too long.”


[via New York Post]


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  1. Any man who hits a woman has no testicles. He got KNOCKED OUT COLD in the UFC ring because he needed the money so bad after getting fired for hitting snookie. Your A JOKE, and so is your father. Ferro didn’t make Jersey Shore famous, like his retarded father said. He just helped show how pathetic he and his entire family is on national television. No woman should get hit, even a gross oompa loompa like snookie.

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